Robots and Aliens

2009 March 10
by Ahd Child

I started this song aiming for something calmer than the others I’ve posted so far, so before I laid down a single note, I set a slow tempo.  Proving that music is never simple, this song ended up being relatively energetic anyway. Once I realized what was happening, I made no effort to change it because it seemed the song was trying to go someplace in particular. My task was to figure out where. Well, here’s that someplace. As usual, lyrics after the break.

Robots and Aliens
music and lyrics by Ahd Child

I find my thoughts are strange
I know that that’s OK
But sometimes I wonder if I should change
I get these strange looks for all my deviations
And they’re so devastating cuz I’m cast out on a lonely . . .
But where should I go, if not the status quo
Perhaps a journey far far far from my earthly home
I’m blasting off with turbo boosters and no space suit
I’m open to the universe with few expectations
Who knows the sensations I’ll find in outer space
I’ll walk my lonely path until I find my own place
I can’t be grounded here, I’m floating in the wind
Like a feather in sky, so I might as well fly high
I’ll leave this static orbit like a new comet forming
I’ll find a path that’s chaotic and less boring
I’ll find the spot where the cosmos first exploded
Examine the beginning as I’m floating

Commune with aliens
Different intelligence
Observe new substances
And unique elements

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