April 7


The site is undergoing some changes and a new photography project is launching soon. Please bear with me. Links to my music are currently missing, but they will be returning soon.

If it was 1998, there’d be a picture of a bulldozer right here.

January 31

The State of Nothing

When  I started this site, my intention was to regularly publish free songs throughout 2009. Unfortunately, what I hoped would be a consistent flow of new songs turned out to be a slow trickle. I was hoping to average around two songs a month – at least 24 total songs – but I came up way short of that goal.

Well, 2009 is over, but this project is not. My current plan is to continue to publish songs here at least until I have the 24 I’d hoped to finish last year. Once I hit 24, I may keep putting songs up, or I may move onto a different project – I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, stay tuned. I have few works in progress so you should be hearing something new pretty soon.

January 29

Welcome to NothingExpected

My goal for 2009 is to make as many songs as possible and to make them all freely available as soon as they are finished. That’s it. I’m not spending the year trying to finish albums, make new websites, or doing any of the other things that can distract an artist from making art. NothingExpected.com will be my (relatively) no-frills delivery system to make these tracks available as soon as I finish them. If you want to learn more about me or my music, visit my website – www.AhdChild.com