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To come up with the music for Monster, I just added and removed instruments, notes, and parts until I came up with the basis of something I liked. At that point, I had to listen to it a bunch of times before lyrics started coming to me. I didn’t know what the song was about until the first verse started forming in my head.  Hit the read more link to read the lyrics.

lyrics and music by Ahd Child

Look at that, the monster’s talking
Better run, the monster’s walking
What’s that sound, is the monster dieing
That’s strange, the monster’s crying

Verse 1
He was the strongest man to walk on this planet
But he was alone, so the goods were damaged
He walked in depression with moments of manic
People saw him coming, and they started to panic
He was scary, I’ll admit that, given
But life was hard and he was just living
He’d never hurt a soul, not with intention
But life don’t always follow intentions
Lost in his sorrow, he was prone to inattention
That with strength was a bad combination
Destruction was never what he intended
But still, many lives were ended
He would’ve made amends if he’d known what he did
But he didn’t know he left a trail of death
They just assumed he was filled up with hate
Everyone in involved made many mistakes


Verse 2
Deep down inside, he knew he caused fear
So he built a callous skin from  I-don’t-cares
He could lie to himself or lie awake with his tears
He chose the lies, cuz the tears hurt more
And once you open that door
It’s opened for good
Better choices would’ve changed how this ends
He could have admitted that he needed a friend
And people could have tried to hear what he said
But past actions are locked in the past
Reflection lets you see, but won’t let you go back
So many people died when they stepped in his path
Blinded by grief, he didn’t know what he smashed
So when they attacked, he didn’t understand
It seemed to him this was unprovoked
He went wild with rage, out of control
Til his life was ended in a cloud smoke


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