February 12

Really Sad Love Song

Valentine’s day is coming up, so I figured  I’d do a song about love. Really Sad Love Song is about an artist who realises that many of the best songs aren’t about happy love. The music is made up of some of my favorite musical elements – a deep, smooth bassline, lots of keys, and a back-to-basics type hip-hop beat. Click read more for the lyrics.

Really Sad Love Song
lyrics and music by Ahd Child

All the great songs are love songs
Really sad love songs
For the love of my art
I broke my own heart
Now I write love songs
Really sad love songs
But I hate my art
Because it’s broken my heart

Verse 1
Our past was so perfect
That’s the reason for my tears
Remembering hurts
And pain’s not changed by years
When you would smile, I’d smile
Because your laughter was my joy
My heart would start singing
Making a joyful noise
We argued almost never
And I wanted you for forever
To love and to cherish
To appreciate and treasure
I felt lucky to have met you
And to have you love me
I thought our love would be
Eternal until infinity
But something inside of me
Took issue with my bliss
When my pen would hit paper
It would produce blank pages
I found I couldn’t write
Without despair, tears and rages
I need pain and impatience
Anger, frustration
I mean who’s heard of good art
Conceived in positive emotions
I needed to get open
To get creative juices flowing
Happiness brings a trickle
But pain makes an ocean
I had to write my poems
That’s why our hearts are broken


Verse 2
If you look at all the greatest artists
They always had it the hardest
Their hearts were always shattered
They were emotionally battered
They were either broke and hungry
Or alone and lonely
Always leaning towards loony
Truly unstable
I was unable to achieve greatness
With you always smiling
By my side, making my spirit feel right
My step was too light
When I gazed in your eyes
Days way too bright
I needed pain to inspire
I should have known from the start to avoid happy living
But looking back in hindsight, its better that I didn’t
I had to have lived it to make my pain convincing
Now I can put it in my songs for you to feel it if you listen
It’s the ultimate sacrifice, ruined my life
My heart is so broken, I dunno how I survived
And I’d try to show you how much this pain has made me free
But I can’t do that because you won’t speak to me


Verse 3
I remember the look on your face
When I told you I was leaving
At first when I said it, you didn’t even believe it
I told you why, but you didn’t buy my reason
And to cause you that pain
Left my heart bleeding
But it’s best that you’re gone
And I know I’m not wrong
If you really still doubt me
Listen to this song
I know you can feel it
My sadness is real,
It’s a part of each day
That I live and I breathe
This song couldn’t happen
If I was still happy
You don’t write about tears
When you spend your days laughing
I’m keeping it real to the nth degree
I feel so empty
But it’s worth every moment
It’s worth every lost kiss
Every tear that I shed
Every time I’m so lost
In feeling regret
But  you’re still stuck in my head
And I might try to get you back
If you hadn’t moved on
And married another man


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