July 29

The Time Lapse Boogie

In the past, I’ve done all my production in my home studio. Lately, I’ve been trying to get used to working on a laptop so I can be more mobile. The transition has not been the smoothest. I’ve realized that my home setup is vastly superior to a laptop – at least for my working style. When I’m on my laptop, I have one screen, a track pad,  and headphones. When I’m at home, I have two screens, a mouse, a midi keyboard, and good speakers.  The dual screens and mouse allow me to work faster. The speakers let me hear an more accurate rendition of what I’m working on. The keyboard lets me be more creative – I can play ideas out instead of trying to hear them in my head. For  while, as I tried to make songs exclusively on my laptop, I kept running into dead ends. I would get good starts, but then I couldn’t figure out how to move the tracks forward.match betting

The Time Lapse Boogie started out the same way. I put together some drums, bass, and a few other instruments to make a decent foundation. At a certain point, I couldn’t add anything to the song even though it sounded very incomplete. After many failed attempts to go on, I finally tried working on it at home. As soon as I sat down at the setup that I spent years perfecting, the ideas started flowing. If my laptop is a toolbox, my home setup is a full workshop. I can get a good amount of work done with the toolbox, but nothing beats the full workshop experience. After realizing this, I continued to work on The Time Lapse Boogie on my laptop, but I also regularly worked on it at home. Here is the final result.

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