Copyright Guidelines


If you would like to use my photographs, contact me for permission.


Do you have a podcast or radio show? Do you like the music on Feel free to distribute or play this music under the following conditions:

  • It is freely available and used non-commercially – You may not sell or “rent” any of these songs without explicit permission. Ad revenue (i.e. ads on a blog, podcast, or radio show) is probably fine, but contact me first to confirm this.
  • Credit is given – Wherever these songs are played or posted, a reasonable attempt must be made to make it clear that “Ahd Child” is the author. If there is a co-author noted in the blog post associated with a song, that author should also be credited.
  • It is not altered – This means no remixes or sampling without explicit permission.
  • It is not part of another work – Do not use these songs in soundtracks, commercials, etc. without explicit permission. If you are interested in using a song as part of another work, contact me. It is generally not hard to attain permission.

The following are not required conditions, but they are things I would appreciate if you are playing my music:

  • Let me knowTell me  about your usage. I like to know where my music is, and I will try to promote your show.
  • Link to me – Let people know where to find my music by directing them to or

Here’s the less wordy, more official sounding version:

Creative Commons LicenseUnless otherwise noted, all works on this site are created by Ahd Child and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.