February 7


This is one of those songs that came after many false starts and unproductive sessions. Sometimes trying to find the right idea – musically or lyrically – is like casting a fishing line. The first few throws may amount to nothing, but finally, you feel tug and you have something to reel in. What I finally reeled in is a song about a subject that, as an artist, I frequently find on my mind. Lyrics are after the break as usual.

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February 25

The Life of a Mouse

I guess it’s normal for me to come up with music first, then start writing words that seem to fit it. Life of a Mouse started that way. A few lines in, the idea for the final song started forming and I ended up rewriting the lines that had come before the idea. File this one under angry hip-hop. Read on for lyrics.

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February 12

Really Sad Love Song

Valentine’s day is coming up, so I figured  I’d do a song about love. Really Sad Love Song is about an artist who realises that many of the best songs aren’t about happy love. The music is made up of some of my favorite musical elements – a deep, smooth bassline, lots of keys, and a back-to-basics type hip-hop beat. Click read more for the lyrics.

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